Biological system for efficient wastewater treatment


TreeWell is a completely biological system for efficient purification of wastewater and heavily polluted water, where the water can also be reused in a closed cycle. This solution is very well adapted to sensitive environments, where a high level of protection prevails. The facility is intended for households with individual sewers, from small holiday homes in the archipelago or the countryside, to larger communities with up to four households per facility. TreeWell can be expanded into modules and easily adapted to larger businesses such as eco-farms, hotels and restaurants that want to keep a high environmental profile. TreeWell is available in three different sizes:

TreeWell Original

A community facility for up to 4 households, which includes a dosing / collection tank and post-polishing. TreeWell Original is also the basis for individual projects and special solutions, the plant can be combined in a variety of ways to provide optimal effect. Each tank is 200 cm in diameter, the height is 200 cm and the volume per tank is 6 m³.

TreeWell Home

Individual drain for 1-2 households, including dosing / collection tank. Each tank is 200 cm in diameter, the height is 100 cm and the volume per tank is 3 m³.

TreeWell Family

Individual drain for smaller holiday homes. The tanks are 120 cm in diameter, the height is 80 cm and the volume per tank is 900 liters. The system can be supplemented with a dosing / collection tank for increased capacity.

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