Purification of leachate from active or closed landfills

Carex offers tailor-made systems for purifying leachate from landfills

Leachate from landfills is formed by water from precipitation that passes through the landfill and as the contents are compressed, the water in the waste is squeezed out. In old facilities, leachate is also formed by groundwater and surface water penetrating the landfill. In Sweden today there are a large amount of both active and closed landfills, the number of active landfills according to figures from 2006 were about 180 and in 2013 about 33,000 tons of household waste ended up in landfills. The amount of leachate collected from landfills with household and industrial waste was already estimated in 2003 at between 8-12 million cubic meters annually or about 1500-3500 cubic meters per hectare and year. All landfills are subject to a permit and this also includes leachate management.

Our treatment plants work with biological processes and are completely sludge-free, the treatment plants are tailored to the landfill and require minimal maintenance. The basic system consists of two tanks that are placed underground with pumps for circulation of the water through the system. The plant can be expanded in modules and adapted indefinitely to the need for treatment. The treated water can then be discharged into municipal sewers or reused.