Lake restoration

Purification system for lakes and watercourses

Restoration of lakes, streams and dams

As much as 20% of Sweden's area consists of different types of lakes, watercourses and wetlands, only the number of lakes in the country - according to the definition water bodies of at least 1 hectare - is around 95,000. Almost all Swedish lakes and watercourses are directly or indirectly affected by humans in form of various pollutants, eutrophication and acidification. Many watercourses do not achieve good ecological or chemical status according to the EU Water Framework Directive. The goal of restoration is about the quest to recreate a natural state that existed before human influence. Restoration of watercourses is done in collaboration with the local County Administrative Board and can be financed with grants.

Our treatment plants purify and recycle the water, they work with completely biological processes and are especially suitable for sensitive environments where a high level of protection prevails. The plant leaves no sludge, requires minimal maintenance and the only components that requires external power source are the pumps that circulate the water in the treatment plant.