Industrial products

Biological treatment of process and wastewater from industrial plants, landfills, car washes, and solutions for polluted water in lakes and watercourses

Our treatment plants can replace today's sludge-producing processes

Carex's completely biological water purification technology allows process water from industrial plants to be purified and recycled in closed water systems to reduce water consumption. In Sweden there are strict rules for what industries and other activities may emit. Today’s systems for industrial water purification often use different types of chemicals that make it difficult to reach the low levels required. Enormous amounts of sludge are also created that need to be disposed of, if only chemical methods were used to purify the water from particles in industries around Europe, this would build a 320 km high waste rock, equivalent to 1000 Eiffel Towers, every year.

Carex currently has functional biological water treatment solutions for businesses such as car washes, wastewater management from landfills, restoration of lakes and dams, as well as larger commercial properties such as hotels and restaurants. The system is expandable in modules, completely sludge-free and can be used in sensitive environments where a high level of protection prevails.