Individual drains

Biological sludge-free water treatment of individual sewers

Modular facilities that can be connected to one or more properties

TreeWell is a completely biological system for efficient purification of wastewater, where the water can also be reused in a closed cycle. A solution that is well suited in sensitive environments, where a high level of protection prevails. The system is designed according to principles and knowledge about the biological processes that take place in natural marine ecosystems, with microorganisms that interact in plant microbial nutrients. TreeWell is completely sludge-free and consists of two robust tanks that are placed underground outdoors and connected to the property's drainage system, in tank two, aquatic plants are planted that both hide and beautify the facility. The energy consumption is low and the treatment plant can be powered by solar cells, which can make it completely self-sufficient. The system is also completely weather-independent and requires minimal maintenance. TreeWell is available in three different sizes and can also be expanded into modules and adapted to several and larger properties. The technology is also available for large-scale industrial use.